Trust Services

Mercantil Bank Private Banking works closely with Mercantil Trust Company, N.A. (MTC), a subsidiary of the U.S. chartered Mercantil Bank Holding Corporation. Through these arrangements, Mercantil Trust Company is able to offer trust structures to protect and manage client assets according to their established wishes.The many benefits offered by our affiliated trust company include the following:

  • Orderly administration of your estate transfer as per your wishes
  • Protection of your assets
  • High degree of confidentiality

Trusts and private foundations can be settled to preserve financial assets, protect your legacy, and meet the current and future needs of both grantors and beneficiaries.

These vehicles can be established through various corporate instruments depending upon the jurisdictions. A careful analysis is prepared to determine the structures that best suit your needs and wishes.

These products can enable to transfer the burden of asset management to a trustee, who administers it in accordance with its fiduciary responsibility to the assigned beneficiaries. Trusts and private foundations can offer security and confidentiality in the management of assets by a trustee. There may be many other benefits, which vary according to the vehicles selected and specific agreement considerations.

Custodial and escrow services provide for the safekeeping of assets until a predetermined event takes place. At this point, the assets are transferred to the beneficiary.

1 Tax benefits depend on certain factors, such as the declared domicile of the grantors and beneficiaries, the jurisdiction of the trust structure, location of the assets, and other considerations. Mercantil  Trust Company is not a legal or tax advisor. Be sure to consult a lawyer or tax advisor about the consequences of custodial actions.

Investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other marketable securities are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – FDIC) or guaranteed by the bank and may lose value.