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Payment and Convenience Banking


Custom banking services are provided to Private Banking customers with the assistance of a highly qualified Private Banking Executive1. Options such as investment opportunities and various credit2 alternatives are among the available custom solutions. You can access comprehensive information at all times and be assured of an emphasis on confidentiality.

1 Banking services are provided by Mercantil Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. Deposit accounts are protected by the FDIC to the maximum covered by law. For more information on the FDIC click here

2 All credit transactions are subject to approval according to existing credit policies.
Mercantil Bank’s Bill Payment service offers you the convenience of knowing that your personal bills, whether generated at home or abroad, are paid according to your wishes. Your signature is all that is required when you authorize Mercantil Bank to pay your personal bills by charging your savings, checking or money market account.

Enjoy banking convenience ‘around the clock’ and access to your accounts at Mercantil Bank, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our personalized Telephone Banking Service.
Just think of all of the time you’ll save by banking over the telephone!

Telephone Banking allows you to:

  • Inquire about the status of your accounts:
    – Current and available balances
    – Last seven debits
    – Last seven checks
    – Last four deposits
    – Dollar amount and date of payment on a specific check or deposit
    – Year-to-date and prior year interest earned
    – CD balances and maturity dates
  • Review the status of loan(s)
  • Make internal transfers between accounts
  • Request statements via fax
  • Place stop payments
  • Review wire transfer status and receive fax confirmations
  • Obtain Banking Center locations, hours of operation and ATM locations
  • Add or remove accounts from your Telephone Banking profile
  • Speak to a Customer Service Representative1
  • Registering is easy and secure
  • The first time you access Telephone Banking, you will be prompted to provide information related to yourself and your account. You will also be asked to create a User ID and Password.


For instructions on how to register today, click here.

To access the Telephone Banking Service, call our Customer Call Center.

1 When you call between the hours of 7 a.m. and 12 midnight, Monday through Sunday, EST.

Do you keep important documents like your passport stuffed in a drawer? What about valuable jewelry, stock certificates, deeds, and titles? Irreplaceable family photos? We can think of a dozen reasons why you should have a safe deposit box.

Mercantil Bank offers safe deposit boxes in a range of sizes to suit your needs. So you can keep anything of value where you know it will be safe and secure. Protected against the threat of theft, fire, and other perils such as hurricanes. And when you know your most precious possessions are locked safely away in our vault, you can enjoy something else that’s precious peace of mind.

By simply completing the wire transfer standard form, you can send funds to financial institutions worldwide, either in US dollars or other currencies.

If you are enrolled in Personal Online Banking, simply log-in and click on the Payment tab and select Wires to make an electronic wire transfer.


For fees related to this service, click on the appropriate option:

Domestic Banking – Wire Transfers Online Fees

International Banking – Wire Transfers Online Fees

Safer than cash, our cashier’s checks can give you the advantage and guarantee to make payment to third parties.

If for confidentiality reasons you desire to have your statement of account and correspondence held at the bank until you can personally retrieve it, our Hold Mail Service is for you.

In our commitment to be an excellent provider of quality service, our international customers from Venezuela and Colombia are provided with the convenience of an overnight courier service for correspondence sent to us. In Venezuela you can simply drop off your documents at any of our Banco Mercantil offices or utilize one of ZOOM’s 54 mail distribution offices throughout the country. In Colombia, you can drop off your documents at any one of Banco Mercantil’s offices.

If you receive a check drawn on a foreign bank, Mercantil Bank can process this item for you and deposit the proceeds to your account when it is paid.

A safe and convenient service to send recurring payments automatically to companies, family members or entrepreneurs. Available to personal and commercial, domestic and international customers, recurring payments will be scheduled following specific instructions from customers. Please contact your Private Banking Executive for enrollment and details.

Service Charges and Fees