Products and Services

The economic profile of the business of our clients and their commercial goals are the starting point to design tailored strategies for financial products services.We offer flexibility to personalize the objectives of each client and help them reach their short-and long-term goals.


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Mercantil CHECKING 
One of our most popular accounts, among those that are not interest-bearing. There is no limit to the number of checks you can write, and it offers you access to ATMs, as well as other advantages.


This account offers the best returns to businesses that keep high balances and have a limited number of transactions. Your business will benefit from an attractive interest rate and liquidity. And as your balance increases, you will also benefit from tiered interest rates.


This account offers an attractive interest rate, access to your funds, higher returns, and better interest rates to those businesses that keep high balances and limit their number of transactions.


Mercantil SAVINGS 
Our Savings Account offers liquidity and returns that depend on market rates These accounts, which must be opened with a minimum balance, enjoy wide acceptance among our commercial clients.


These accounts offer a wide range of maturity terms. Your funds will earn interest at very competitive rates, and you will have the flexibility of accessing them as you deem convenient. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FIDC) insures these deposits.


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