Our Mission

To fulfill the needs of our customers by providing excellent financial products and services, attain the aspirations of our employees, support the development of the communities where Mercantil Bank has presence and add value for our shareholders through a long term outlook.

Our Culture

“Strength and Soundness above all else.”

Long-term Thinking and Vision:
“The strategy is based on a long-term outlook, with tactical decisions and permanently striving to achieve the desired results.”

Respect and Care for Employees:
“The well-being, motivation, recognition and individual development of our employees are permanent goals for the organization.”

“Strict and timely adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, rules and policies

Ethical Behavior:
“Zero tolerance for unethical behavior and transparency in all communications and information.”

“We continuously adapt to changing environments and circumstances with dignity and integrity.”

Good Citizenship:
“Our behavior reflects the solidarity and commitment to the community.”

Corporate Governance:
“Respect for the organization’s corporate governance structure.”