New Wire Transfers Form and E-sign Agreement

New Wire Transfers Form and E-sign Agreement 

Mercantil Bank customers who request wire transfers through an Account Officer, should download the new wire transfer “Standard Form” and Electronic Signature Agreement (E-sign Agreement) to authorize this type of transaction. The E-sign Agreement will only need to be signed the first time a wire transfer is initiated.

Wire transfers will be processed only if the following criterions are met:

  • Funds are available in the account
  • Instructions are received in the Standard Form
  • There’s a Funds Transfer Agreement (FTA) on file
  • The Esign Agreement terms and conditions have been accepted and are on file
  • The form is filled out legibly and completely, and no additional data is needed
  • The parties in the wire request are not in the OFAC list
  • There are no discrepancies with the signature(s) provided

Your wire transfer may be delayed due to: the Banks fraud screening procedures, compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and OFAC requirements, incorrect or incomplete information, or failure to provide required information to the Bank in connection with the wire transfer.

For fees related to this service, click on the appropriate option:

Domestic Banking – Wire Transfers Online Fees

  International Banking – Wire Transfers Online Fees

For questions regarding the status of your wire transfer requests, please contact our Customer Call Center toll free at toll free 1-888-629-0810, toll free from Venezuela at 0-800-100-2600, or from any other location at 305-629-1200.

Rev: October, 2013