Treasury Management Services


Mercantil Commercebank provides solutions to optimize your working capital. With our payable, receivable and liquidity management services, you’ll have more control, receive detailed reporting and experience faster transaction processing. Our services are backed by a team of professionals who specialize in integrating treasury management into accounting functions and finance workflows.

Account Analysis

With Account Analysis, you have an easy and efficient tool to analyze your account activity and manage banking fees. A monthly account analysis statement gives you a summary of balances and activity in your business account. The account balances you maintain generate an earnings credit to offset the monthly service charge.

Business Loan Sweep

A Business Loan Sweep is an automated treasury management tool that calculates available balance and compares it to an established target balance. Based on your net cash position, the Business Loan Sweep automatically advances to the business checking account or pays down the line of credit.

Automated Clearing House (ACH Services)

ACH Services offers an efficient and cost effective solution for originating and receiving payments electronically, enabling your business to streamline electronic transactions. ACH payment types are direct deposit for payroll, pre-authorized debits and payments to vendors.

Business Online Banking

With the Business Online Banking you can access your account balances and activity, place stop payments, initiate internal transfers, ACH and wires and review positive pay exceptions in a single, secure platform.

Lockbox Services

Our Lockbox Services  accelerate the collection and posting of your receivables.Payments are sent to a unique lockbox address where mail is retrieved and processed quickly.The information captured is available same-day through our lockbox browser for you to update your receivables.

Positive Pay Service

Positive Pay provides an effective way to guard against check fraud by comparing your check issue file to the checks received for payment, matching the check number and dollar amount. Any exceptions will be reported to you through Business Online Banking for your review and decision to pay or return.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows you to conveniently deposit checks from your office quickly and easily while reducing time, cost and risk related to trips to the bank. You scan your checks and the images are transmitted to the bank for deposit to your business account.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) automates the funding of disbursement accounts and consolidating deposits to a single master account, thus eliminating the manual tasks of monitoring and transferring to each individual account.